Samantha Saint James is an Australian fashion designer and founder of her androgynous brand Not A Man’s Dream. Saint James has been published in the Fashion Journal, received High Academic Achievement Award and Top Designer Award at Whitehouse Institute of Design as well as showcasing her work in Melbourne Fashion Week and is a member of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Inspired by raw emotion, the lives of everyday people and cultures all over the world Saint James is an immense advocate for women and encourages all to be comfortable and confident in who they are. Her motto has always been “walk to the beat of your own drum”.

Collection Statement: Just Another Day pursuits the modern-day love story with oneself and others whilst discovering the angst and transition from sublime happiness to anarchy and undoing. Exploring the death of the fashion archetype this collection incorporates avant-garde streetwear fashion that is inspired by the love story of Romeo and Juliet, 1900’s Korea and the dandy man to create strong, extravagant androgynous pieces.
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