Katie Love is an interior designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her philosophy is to collect, not consume - adopting a collector’s eye that steps away from the pace of trends and towards an appreciation of quality, craftsmanship and long term relevance. 

Her work is informed by her passion for sourcing diverse objects from divergent times that are both vintage and contemporary which are carefully curated to create relaxed, eclectic and tailored spaces. 

La Piscine concept for the Jacquemus flagship store pays homage to Sydney’s love of water and draws parallel connections to the French brands origins of Marseilles and Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur region. The motif between both locations being the approach to summer leisure and in turn creating a space that promotes a visceral feeling of being by the pool which transports the customer to another destination. 
The space focuses on the retail journey as a whole and how the customer naturally moves through the space. Maintaining the flow of product display and elements of unique interest with the intention to continue to hold the customers attention, naturally gravitating and moving through the store with a sense of tactile discovery. All while holistically reflecting the brands youthful and playful nature.
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