Kellie Quach graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. She is guided by her philosophy that interior design is about creating spaces that can positively impact society. She has a deep interest in the psychology behind interior design and how the built environment can influence our physical and psychological wellbeing. Kellie's work is perceived as whimsical and inspiring as her aim is to create meaningful interiors that can genuinely evoke feelings of fun and creativity in people.

'Pause + Play' is an Animal Assisted Therapy Centre specialising in mental health therapy. The space is essentially where people can immerse themselves into play therapy assisted by trained therapy dogs. Designed for anyone and everyone, the space is where children, teenagers and adults who struggle with stress, social withdrawal, mental illnesses or disabilities are able to receive therapy. The concept of 'Pause + Play' can be defined as momentarily taking a break and engaging in fun and play as a way to improve mental health and wellbeing. 
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