I believe that youth hold the power to create a change, and that we can be empowered by how we dress and self-express. Coming from the underground, rewriting stories through music, art, and fashion. Designing clothes for those who want to and do stand out of the crowd with a focus on experimenting with textiles and print. 
Drawing aesthetics from my Melbourne underground hip-hop and alternative music background, I am able to create statements and bring attitudes to life through fashion, whilst bringing forth my unique musical element and attitude. I am able to relate to other music artists on a personal level, as I immerse my whole world in music, it comes naturally to me understanding what type of visions they have in mind.
I have won the people's choice awards and the winning dress for the Food and Wine festival , the people's choice awards for the stitch don't ditch competition under the Australian Fashion Awards- bringing awareness to sustainability through design and have been interviewed by ABC News Victoria.
I am part of the converse all star team and have featured in All start spotlight posts.
I have worked with other brands aside from Converse within Melbourne such as Subtype Store, Factorie, Individual Soul, Purgatry, and Milu directing shoots, styling, being ambassadors for, modelling for, and just being part of their teams. Immersing myself in the moment, interacting with likeminded creatives to generate ideas and a sense of community. I love approaching things from outside the box, being agile and resourceful. Self-expression and being oneself is the most rebellious thing a person can do, and I believe that having a free spirit whilst being conscious of the bigger picture is vital in having a purpose.

We Are The Kids is not only a response to the shouts of those who have come
before us against the common protagonist, but also a declaration of who we are. It
stems from the feeling and the knowledge that institutionalized cliques deem you
and your visions ‘not good enough’, despite how hard you try. We Are The Kids is
about taking back our own power and worth, and owning it, whilst pushing forward.
We Are the Kids involve bodies of ‘students’ who attend a prestigious royal
academy, however the academy represents the constricting social structures and
the bigger picture protagonists. Each body represents a challenge to these
umbrella issues. These students break down the restricting structures and rebel
against the box, reaching their full potential of unapologetic self-expression.
This is a gender neutral collection to cater to all people, giving that power back to
the people.
The collection features all upcycled denim, original textiles and original prints.
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