My name is Laura Rodgers, I am an Australian Interior Designer. I believe a space has the power to change how you live and most importantly, how you feel. My design approach involves a careful consideration of the interaction between both the physical landscape and our internal landscape. I am dedicated to creating designs that are exciting yet harmonious, with the highest level of detail and creative expression. My ability for intuitive forethought and awareness allows for a solution-based process that is meticulous and highly executed. My design language is a combination of organic and architectural forms that emotive, stimulating, and sensory based. I am driven by the belief that as designers we can formulate a profound and deeply unique human experience within each space we create.

 Willow urban retreat is expanding to offer a bespoke experience in its sister venture, willow seaside retreat. Located in one of Sydney’s most prestigious suburbs, darling point, this boutique hotel and spa will focus on providing a revitalizing coastal reboot. With an emphasis on wellness, the aim of the design is to encourage healing of both body and soul throughout the design and its facilities. The proposed site is burrowed into the cliff-side, and cascades down through multiple tiers. This inspired the idea of using the layers of the earth as a design concept to represent a physical manifestation of the journey to our inner core. Incorporating five elements; earth, water, wood, fire and metal to support the expression of the environment within the design scheme. The aim is create a harmonious space that utilizes the landscape, allows clients to slow down and reconnect with nature and ultimately provides a blank canvas for restoration to exude wellness from every pore. Willow is a luxury oasis that embodies a sense of escapism, transporting you into an immersive hideaway- right in your own backyard.
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