Melissa Huangzone is an Australian fashion designer born and raised in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Ever since the tender age of 12, she was already spending much of her spare time envisioning and sketching up designs of garments. This sparked her interest to pursue fashion design and craftsmanship, with the aspiration to influence future generations by building her own clothing empire.
Her design philosophy has stemmed from many contributions. However, her main influence comes from her desire to build a sustainable fashion label by supporting sustainable manufacturers, and encouraging less water and fabric waste. She designs her pieces with the hope that her consumers are able to use her pieces to express their creativity and individuality whilst still being comfortable.

‘Le Fleur Market’ collection is inspired by the idea of using nature as a healing escape, This is in particular in response to the current worldwide pandemic, with this disruption to our everyday lives greatly impacting the mental health of many. Many have turned to embracing nature as a means to manage their stress and anxiety by introducing some peace and tranquility.
This collection reflects this desire to escape the city life into a green outdoor space. The black puffer jacket symbolises the fear, and negative and anxious thoughts ready to consume ones mind. However, the green unitard underneath represents that no matter how overwhelming such feelings can be, they can always be overcome with a soothing mind and soul encouraged by nature.
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