Liat Swartz is a multidisciplinary Creative Director and Stylist based in Sydney, Australia. Driven by her passion to push the boundaries and question the norm, inspired by Surrealism, Minimalism and Conceptual Art, her unique perspective is brought to life. Enthusiastic about design, Liat wholeheartedly puts her all into everything she does. While studying, Liat has capitalised on her spare time by interning for Australian Prêt-à-Couture designer and Whitehouse alumnus, Mariam Seddiq, where she applied her design abilities to graphic design, social media, photography and assistant styling. Liat's work is perceived as clean, bold, intricate and unapologetic. Her positive attitude, altruism, motivation, ability to problem solve and think on her feet, put her in good stead to succeed. 

Mind of Her Own, is a fashion editorial colour story that showcases bright and bold fashion captured from interesting angles and introduces a unique blend of elements. The culmination of these strategies offers the viewer an exploration of fashion from a quirky perspective. The world offers me a colourful kaleidoscope of objects that I perceive in myriad ways. My mind loves the abstract and I conjure up a multitude of contrasting, fascinating uses and purposes for what I see. By introducing the unexpected mix of fashion, illustration, fruit and vegetables, the editorial serves to make a bold and multi-coloured visual impact.
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