Lily Moody graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design, receiving a Bachelor of Design in fashion. She has come to appreciate the entirety of the fashion design process from conception to product. Her passion for design has stemmed from her interest in the performing arts, as well as growing up learning the art form from her grandmother. She is drawn to theatrical concepts based in history, to inform her whimsical, feminine designs. Her aim is to create timeless elegance through fashion and costume, that inspires others and create moments of joy.

Nature is the basis of all living things. My collection is an ode to artists throughout history, as they prove time and time again the eternal beauty of nature. Earth’s stunning natural environment has led to the creation of many historical works from plays, to music, and even inspiring mythology. Each mythology that explores the personification of nature, depicts  her as a ‘she’. The romantic elegance of nature is translated into a maternal, loving, nurturing figure. This femininity has inspired my graduate collection ‘The Essence’, which explores the effect of the art created throughout history on the modern era.
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