Every Monday during school holidays, I would visit my grandma and we would work on a dress together. I remember recreating ‘The Notebook’s’ iconic blue dress which was and always will be my favourite dress. Working on this project, along with many other attributes, made me realise that costume designing was the career for me. I wanted to learn about traditional silhouettes as well was traditional methods of fabric production from every decade but to also practice my contemporary and current design skills, making costume designing a very unique career that allows me to focus on the past, the present, the future of design and everything in between.

Liminal Spaces is the complex nature of human emotions shown through the use of complex layering with sheer fabrics.
Every human has more to offer than what meets the eye. Our outside shell is what we project, what we sell, it is what we are judged on constantly. But beneath that first layer is a multiplex of emotions and stories that most people do not see. Like a present, you have to unwrap every layer to get to the best part, the core.
 The use of achromatic shades emphasises the fact that individuals can go from one extreme to the next, signifying that emotions can fluctuate unpredictably.
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