Lakshay Dhiman is a Sydney based creative, specialising photography and food styling, who has produced three independent short films which have won awards in Australia & America. He has travelled to more than twenty countries which has sparked his great love and appreciation for food.
Growing up in India, Lakshay was introduced to the craftmanship and design of Indian textiles. Hence, rich colour is the foundation of his design aesthetic. He is a strong, optimistic individual who strives to be an entrepreneur, inspired by people such as his idol Pharrell Williams, who operates across the entertainment, hospitality, media and fashion industries.

A plant-based diet has become increasingly mainstream  and recognised as an important lifestyle choice over recent years, Many people have adapted a veggie diet in their life and multinationals have added vegetarian products to their ranges. However, often t seems like a compromise. So this project is focussed on elevating vegetarian ingredients and food, in particular from Indian street food which has vegetarian tradition spanning centuries. 
Showcasing vegetables as heroes is the key part of this project.  It’s ironic because lots of kids growing up don’t like to eat vegetables, so visual presentation is very important along with delicious veg recipes.
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