Madison Harris is an Australian Fashion Designer with ethical and sustainable design practice at the forefront of her design philosophy. Madison has a vision of a zero waste future and creating a circular economy within the fashion industry. By understanding the use of bio-based materials, recycling initiatives and compostable fibres she has created a collection that shows conscious design is achievable. 
It’s time to change the way we look at fashion.
2019 Winner of the Wool4School Design Competition.
For this collection Madison convey's the story of the Greek statues by mimicking their hypnotising flow of movement and thematic nature. Exposed boning in contrast with draping silhouettes creates a comparison to the authentic Greek statues.

By researching bio-based materials, recycling initiatives and compostable fibres, zero waste has been achieved. Sustainable practices included recycling and melting cotton reels to create signature buttons and boning. In addition using fabric off-cuts in creative ways as the quilting in the bag. The warm tones of the fabric were achieved through natural dyeing using black tea. The utilisation of clean bamboo sateen acquired from a complete cradle to cradle zero waste and emissions company supports her vision of sustainable design. 
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