Max Lazaridis is an Australian fashion designer. His heart is bursting with creativity and passion, and through his work wishes to pass that along. Welcome to his Fashion Design Portfolio, the best space to browse his latest projects. Since 2000 this has been his vocation, and this is the realisation of a lifelong dream. The designs are on a roadmap to revolutionising fashion embodying grunge with an essence of elegance. The products paint emotion rather than a story, striving to create a positive incentive to live life, to embrace pain to become a happier version of yourself.

Sahba embodies craftsmanship and is ready to cross the line. The word ’Sahba’ originates from the Arabic language, it does not have a distinct meaning. Sahba was built on emotion, these emotional building blocks channel a pathway for success taking on everything and anything head-on, fearless. Its an outlet for expression, a choice to stay true to yourself, this may be challenging for society as we are born into a man-made system. 
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