Melanie Dunshea is an emerging Creative Director based in Melbourne, with a beaming enthusiasm for editorial aesthetics, space design and visual identity.  ​​​​​​​
Through her studies Melanie identified that her design philosophy stems from an appreciation of structural elements and conceptual narratives . Reflective in her design process, she is considerate and consistent in her approach to creating innovative results. Her skills as a Creative Director are exemplified in her development of elevated photography and styling outcomes. Growing up in a world of adventure, her work reflects the optimistic and directed journey that shaped her. She credits David Newton’s ingenious product photography and film that helped her to discover her design direction. Melanie is driven to overcome and create solutions for conceptual and creative challenges. 
Melanie wants to live in a world filled with extraordinary adventures, everything flavoured with French vanilla and all rooms decorated with white lilium flowers.

‘Sweet Inclination’; marries both humour and glamour in this Beauty Editorial that celebrates the anomaly between beauty and food styling. In curation through storytelling and visual elements the narrative and candied colour palette is inspired by the thematic and aesthetic influences of the 1950’s diner scene. The imagery, graphics and marketing strategy for ‘Sweet Inclination’ feature my key design signifiers of boldness, optimism and structure, through the determined control of negative space, linear direction and balanced elements.

All styling, photography, art direction and illustration by Melanie Dunshea.
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