Melda Baysal is an Australian born fashion designer with Turkish roots based in Sydney. As a young creative within the fashion industry, Melda has focused on the shift towards celebrating the body and ensures to design pieces that invite individuals to feel confident within their own skin. Creating pieces that mould to our one of kind frames rather than constricting ourselves to a specific size range. Over the course of her studies, Melda’s design identity has been refined to exposing skin through experimental lines and shapes within a neutral colour palette. Describing her vision as raw

‘Raw’, defined as ‘in its natural state’ is a capsule collection showcasing the natural body wrapped in skin-tight silhouettes, revealing each unique form.
Featuring a trio of catsuits and coats in black, white and beige, the collection is assembled together by powermesh and taffeta. Utilising powermesh as the key fabric within the catsuits allows the garments to mould around a variety of body types within its 4-way stretch quality. Accentuating the curves and contours of the body through the playful sher and opaque panels achieved by the layering of powermesh. 
Each catsuit is accompanied by a luxurious taffeta outerwear piece that transforms into a voluminous coat when air is caught. With gold toggle cord stoppers discovered within each outerwear piece, the garments can be customised into a variety of silhouettes to best suit each individual’s aesthetic.
Ultimately uncovering the beauty of the body.
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