Mikayla Hogg, Creative Director and Stylist, draws inspiration from the rich and tactile world of contemporary art and fashion. Now based in Melbourne, she is well known for producing shoots based around a neutral colour palette and amplified textures. An interest in natural materials and fabric manipulation has seen her explore these concepts through fashion and interior styling, experimenting with different applications and mediums. She situates her practice across Fashion and Interior Design industries. 
Her creative vision is a contemporary response that explores a series of materials and how they can be transformed to create new innovative and exciting textures. As well as bringing in organic matter and natural elements combining them together to create a design response that represents her overall vision as a creative, that speaks to her stylistic aesthetic surrounded around minimalism. 
This project titled Undressed explores the overarching concept of undressing, dressing. This idea revolves around the basis of the everyday ritual breaking it down looking at the sense of dress in a more deconstructed way. The way in which we wrap, clothe or strip bare the body and/or spaces. Exploring this idea through fashion, interior, lifestyle and components of illustration. Undressed is a visual journey that is expressed through a selection of curated images highlighted through multi disciplinary areas to create the book titled Undressed.
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