Nairie Tzakos
Nairie Tzakos is a curious creative with a refined approach to all her designs. Colour contrast; indulgent displays; and font manipulation define her aesthetic. Her repertoire spans across fashion, beauty, food, and event creative direction and styling.
Within her creative direction she has an eye for perfection, and great capabilities in thorough planning to achieve all projects to their highest standard. Nairie believes to achieve successful design outcomes, they must always have strong conceptual roots.
Nairie’s passions lie in both visual and verbal communication. She also has a Diploma of Communication from the Australian Speech Communication. When styling, Nairie considers the interplay of words and images as a vital tool for storytelling. Throughout the development of “Taste of Australia,” the photography, styling, and graphic design were designed and created by Nairie. 
“Taste of Australia” celebrates what Australia has to offer from fashion, to food, to its picturesque landscape. As we reacquaint ourselves with the delights of our local luxury designers, who have recently been thrown into the limelight, their work is featured dancing in a quintessential Australian backdrop of the bush and Sydney Harbour. A fresh look at Australian iconic food also bathes the story in bright pops of colour and delicate, culinary craft. Ultimately, flavour and colour sprinkled with our Aussie icons combine to express something memorable and meaningful for a lifetime.
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