Olivia Kerr is a photographer and creative director living in Sydney, New South Wales. After starting her career in finance, Olivia sought a path in line with her creativity leading her to complete a Bachelor of Design in Creative Direction and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design.
Her passion is identifying and solving design problems in and playful and contemporary way. She has created several projects which encompass graphic design, styling and photography of beauty, fashion, food and interiors. Each project embodies her clean, refined and playful style.
Following graduation, Olivia intends to pursue a career in User Experience and Digital Design.

Neon Drive is a publication and digital package with a purpose of encouraging younger people to play golf. Appealing to the target market of people aged 16-30, Neon Drive focuses on their use of digital technology.
The publication showcases the social aspects, the newest equipment, innovation and the movement of golf into the digital space. As well as this publication, Neon Drive will include a digital package including a website, an application, full social media strategy.
Neon Drive seeks to challenge golf’s current image. By bringing together a vibrant neon colour palette, technology, and the newest golf equipment, Neon Drive will bring a fresh feel to golf.
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