Olivia Thomas is a Creative Director and Stylist who is passionate about colour and has a particular interest in creating environments in the interior and food realms. Olivia is from Sydney, Australia but spent much of her younger life in London, where she first gained an interest in the world of design. Since living in Sydney from 2010, Olivia is constantly inspired by food and travel. Discovering other cultures is most important to her personal design expression.

My editorial explores three main elements of an artist’s process, focused on pasta rather than painting a canvas. “Pasta as Art” depicts the application of colour to food and experiments with unusual presentations of tools and pasta in a space. I have looked to communicate the parallels between an artist’s studio and a chef’s kitchen; the tools, the textures and the creative process. Notions of food as art installations have informed my creative direction. Laila Gohar is a food artist whose use of repetition and colour have also influenced my work. In designing my editorial, I have been inspired by text intertwined with imagery to communicate emotion and tell stories. I have featured the tools of the pasta-making craft, a profile of the owner of a local Gnocchi bar, and a pasta-based art installation.
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