Olivia Wilson is a Graduate with a Bachelors of Interior Design from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Sydney. From her time at Whitehouse, she has been able to further her passion of product design with an enthusiastic appreciation of creative and high-quality furniture and timeless pieces. With ideologies strongly informed by Wabi Sabi principles; that nothing is permanent, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Influenced by the passion of alternative culture and the evolutionary approach of sustainable living. Olivia is an imaginative individual who is not afraid to break the boundaries and challenge expectations. Her designs demonstrate her love for contrast and juxtaposition to create unique spaces, held together with a weave of authenticity and truth. Each project is approached consciously and holistically to work towards a future that co-exists and in harmony with our planet. 

Qui is Italian for the word “Here”. The name reminds us to be present and authentic in the moment and when we do that, our worries will be washed away. Having a place to decompress and be in the moment, accompanied by good food, fine wine, soft lighting and unmatched company. Qui celebrates creativity and mindfulness, creating a safe space that encourages us to let go of the status and social anxieties that are imposed on us in society today, for the best moments in life are the ones you don’t expect, the ones that just seem to happen…
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