Peppa Rasmussen-Breitinger  
Peppa Rasmussen Breitinger is an emerging Art Director, Creative Director and Creative Specialist who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Peppa has a specific interest in the use of colour and texture, and bringing fun and life into a world focusing on simplicity. She values the use of vibrant, playful shoots and colour schemes, and loves creating immersive photoshoots that are visually challenging and enigmatic. Peppa juxtaposes different elements against each other to create a composition that brings out the love of imagination. She has worked across multiple disciplines of design, including Branding, Graphic Design, Pattern Making and Event Styling.

Fabricated Frivolity is a Fashion Styling Editorial/ Storybook that encompasses the essence of my design formula. When I was younger, I often found myself daydreaming of detailed artificial lands and drastic unreal scenarios. I would slip into these lands to escape current lackluster situations. Fabricated Frivolity is a visualization of those daydreams.
When viewed as a whole body of work, this storybook is intended to feel like a loop - symbolizing these lackluster days. I have also combined my love of illustration to further enhance the story. The clothing is meticulously curated by myself - serving as a personal reflection of an emerging creative.
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