Tatiana Yakou is a Creative Director, Photographer, and Stylist based in Sydney, Australia. She strives to achieve outstanding work in visual communication. Her passion for Design and Styling is reflected in her work and the way she constantly adds a little bit of fun and quirk to her creations. She comments on the importance of bringing others into her surrealist and fantasy-like worlds through creativity and that ‘It’s a moment to be shared with others to detach from reality for just that one moment in time’.

‘Phantasmagorical’ is an editorial that explores the cultural movement of surrealism, which was known for the juxtaposition of distant realities to activate the unconscious mind through imagery. Inspired by the surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, as well as Photographer Tommy Ingberg, and their way of creating bizarre imagery, this editorial is a summer issue showcasing my take on the cultural movement by creating four multiverses using my favourite fruits and vegetables. 
Each universe explored has its own story to tell and is open to interpretation to viewers and how they choose to apply the images to their everyday lives and experiences. Moreover, this project celebrates the creative industry through its use of mixed media such as photography, illustration, and collage, in combination with scale and anomaly, bringing to life a sense of humor that is absent from reality. 
It is aimed at people looking for content that is as funny, friendly, weird, cute, artistic, smart, and curious as they are. I hope to surprise and delight people with every turn of a page and only wish for them to have a good old laugh while doing so.
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