Reid Nguyen is a multidisciplinary creative who is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Informed by their roots as a Vietnamese-Australian, Reid has established a distinct and versatile style reflective of their passion for Asian design and the Arts. This love for the Arts has naturally manifested itself in their work, where elements of the surreal create dreamlike worlds that exhibit their design ethos. 
Reid’s current graphic and whimsical style gives their work the cutting-edge needed to progress beyond established norms, making them a formidable addition to any project. Moreover, they offer a unique approach to content creation, especially within photography and digital content, where their talents really shine.

‘As We Emerge From the Canvas’ is an ode to my love of art and fashion, and is a fashion editorial that seeks to merge both of these worlds together. As such, the editorial explores four different narratives that are inspired by four different paintings. Taking visual cues from current runway trends, the styling is rich with textures and exaggerated shapes, which ultimately presents a romantic offering of contemporary designs. To further marry the worlds of art and fashion, the set design drew upon installation art as a key reference which has created dynamic and visually arresting images for the viewer.
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