My creative research is fuelled by a desire to question why we wear what we
wear, distorting the notions of what fashion can be. Always looking to incorporate innovative ideas which elevate my designs through the fabrication of textures and the narrative behind a garment. Conveying these values through my collection featured in the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway.
Accomplished pattern maker, hand-drawn illustrator and digital designer, thriving in environments full of diverse creatives. Passion stemming from an eagerness to be proficient in multidisciplinary fields to develop my knowledge and skills in design.

‘The Racer and the Crowd’ combines silhouettes inspired by the garments of Formula 1 drivers with luxury textiles. The result is an amalgamation of function and fashion, paying particular attention to the way individual garments communicate with one another to tell a story.
With each body focusing on one of the primary colours, the collection satirises our constant state of comparison amongst a crowd. Instead, it encourages a mindset of self-comparison as a way of achieving personal development. These ideas have been condensed into a collection which aims to liberate the wearer.
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