Samantha van Schelven is a detail focused designer from Western Sydney. She explores the connection of artistic influences with technical fashion. Focused on the addition and perfection of hand crafted embellishments within her garments she explores notions of unity, movement, social and personal expression. Samantha has worked on her technical applications of beading, embroidery and illustration over many years, exploring and experimenting with new techniques and applications. She has always been known in her circles as a creative and acknowledges every detail and its importance, alike how the small strokes of impressionistic painting makes up a final piece. This concept she directly interprets into her fashion keeping a keen eye all of the elements and principles within a garment, perfecting their placement as even the smallest detail can influence the overall design.

The structure and skeleton of artisan philosophy. Back to Bones the trans-seasonal collection uses notions of careful unique detail and hand beading to combat the rise of fast fashion. It returns to the details of hand construction, careful beading and keen focus on singular elements of detail. Shaped into a rendition of the human anatomy to explore the notion of human foundation. Inspired by the exploration of colour and tone, following the pandemics colourless monotony, back to bones brings glistening colour and interest. Consisting of three hero hand beaded sculptural pieces. This collection stars an artistic rendition of a human ribcage, pelvis and shoulder blades encrusted with beading, atop red double knit rayon fitted garments. Different types of beads of all textures and finishes to paint an intriguing three-dimensional design. 
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