Ayden Emini is an emerging Creative and Stylist from Melbourne, Australia. With skills across graphics, styling, fashion and photography. Throughout his studies, Emini has produced imagery that embodies his personal style, identity and how he perceives clothes. As a stylist, his aesthetic takes cues from fetishized fashion and fragile masculinity. Emini’s body of work explores ideas of innerwear as outerwear, tight clothes as second skin and fragile masculinity and the affects it has on a male growing up. He wishes to continue his career overseas, by traveling around Europe and the United Kingdom expanding his knowledge and skills in the fashion industry.

Emini’s signature project named “Second Skin” explores the idea of clothes and gender. It is a high-end visual memoir that shows Emini’s personal style, identity and how he perceives clothes. Exploring the idea of innerwear as outerwear and how layering can create full editorial looks. Emini also plays with the idea of fragile masculinity and how toxic it is for a male growing up, delving into these themes through the styling and sourcing of garments. Six core looks have been formed through Emini’s exploration of a historical and current trend fetishized fashion, that all share key elements of gender fluidity and erotic style.    
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