Siena Russo
Siena Russo is a Photographer and Stylist, based in Melbourne whose works embraces the fashion and interior styling fields. A Timeless aesthetic defines the look and feel of her work and her passion for nature and rustic elements are clearly communicated through her captivating compositions. By spending time carefully  sourcing a range of products to create beautifully curated work that will draw attention.
With interests in both the fashion and interior styling fields, Russo’s work varies in look and feel with each project through her core palette of textures and colours can almost always be seen throughout her practices the use of warm and cool tones combined with natural and rustic textures help to embody the feeling of the works.  

‘Keepsake’ focuses on observing the details and enjoying moments of everyday life. The work incorporated a variety of fashion, interior and handwritten elements that work together to encapsulate the feeling of the project.
Demonstrating a timeless aesthetic through the use of both contemporary and antique materials in both lifestyle and interiors. And further exploring the textures of the products through detailed imagery. 
The use of a variety of styling, colours and textures throughout the lifestyle Editorial hopes to exhibit the atmosphere of the project and the feeling of taking a moment out of our day to stop and observe our surroundings and take note of the little things that surround us. 
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