Stevie-Ann Spokes
Stevie-Ann Spokes, recently graduated from the Whitehouse Institute of Design is an emerging creative in Melbourne.
Through my educational and personal growth, I have created and produced a wide collection of works while implementing key elements from my personal design philosophy.
These bodies of work have not only helped to showcase my own
design philosophy and skills but allowed my talents to emerge and change as I did.
My design ethos is one that develops and encompasses elements from the world around me. I believe everything influences everything and no idea is just thought of.
I also take a great deal inspiration from the power of femineity, the beauty of the coming-of-age narrative and the search for identity and growth within one’s life.
My interest in creative direction and styling doesn’t necessarily have to do with the items I am showcas- ing, but the concept created behind them. I also believe that the power of something doesn’t always come from the materialist item itself. It often comes from the memories that the item is attached too or the narrative that is portrayed with the use of the tangible items.
Creating for me isn’t just using something with beauty but giving depth to that beauty.

My signature project follows a concept of growth and the idea you ‘make’ yourself; you are self-made.
The tangible elements within the ‘self-made’ zine editorial showcases layered garments which symbolises the layers of growth one goes through.
Fashion to me has always been a way of communication without words. In a world with so much self-negativi- ty, having something that you can wear that shows both positivity and growth is something a lot of consumers would be interested in.
I want to push a narrative of growth and change through a collection of imagery that captures both figures and fashion. I want to sell this narrative through the elements within the garments and illustrations captured within the zine. Not only do I want to market the product to the consumer, but also the narrative, you too could visual- ly show your growth.
Not only will the garments I use be something that my target audience would wear in a stylised sense, but the actual narrative behind the project is something that many people would be able to connect with and use in their own way.
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