Tamika Sewell is an Australian fashion designer who spent majority of her life growing up in regional Victoria. From an early age she was taught the importance of environmental conservation, and this forms an integral part of her design process. Often drawing inspiration from nature, Tamika’s aesthetic can be described as loose luxury. Hallmarks of her design are soft tailoring, volume, texture, and attention to detail.
Tamika’s experience in the business industry gives her a unique perspective on fashion design, with a particular interest in bridging the gap between creative design and sustainable business models. She is currently a part of the Melbourne Fashion Hub program to be showcased during Melbourne Design Week in March 2022.

Rebirth communicates the cycles present in nature, symbolising that ends merely bring about even more beautiful beginnings. It is a concept inspired by a variety of artists whose work considers the repetition present in nature. This collection explores environmental cycles in a conceptual and practical sense, with repurposing considered in the fabrication selection.​​​​​​​
The print featured throughout the collection was designed with a collaborating Australian artist who created a textured painting for Rebirth. The print is an abstract, organic representation of nature, leaving room for personal interpretation.
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