Raised on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales,  the young designer was constantly surrounded by what nature has to offer, a catalysis for inspiration when creating a collection. The move to the big smoke was determined by her passion and willingness to further her creativity and knowledge in the fashion world. She aspires to achieve high-end bespoke feminine creations, with a long-time passion to provoke a positive feeling inside the wearer. 

Taking Flight explores the fundamentals of fashion design and elements of the organic world. The Monarch butterfly was a catalyst for the collection, representing individualistic growth and freedom. Recognising ones growth over time and the journey to freedom and independence. The Movement and repetition of a butterfly’s wings when in flight has been replicated by layering different scales of hand dyed gradating bridal tulle and dress netting. Overall providing a unique attribute to the collection. The collection focuses on handcrafted hyper femineity fashion showing the designers true passion for raw details and elegant fabrication. 
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