Inspired by Japanese animations I explore my creative self through painting, drawing and design. Exploring both traditional and contemporary Asian fashion trends, cultural identity is a strong notion in my creative processes. I focus heavily on merging traditional Asian garments with contemporary ideas in order to maintain a sense of Asian heritage while staying current. In addition, the inclusivity of all genders is another aspect of my thinking that manifests in my garment designs. I create with the intentions of allowing the individual to freely express themselves through androgynous and creative styling.
Throughout my education, 'Fragile, Handle With Care' showcased at the Student Collections Runway at Melbourne Fashion Week and my designs were held at a temporary retail pop-up store through the Melbourne Fashion Hub Program.​​​​​​​

‘Fragile, Handle With Care’ is a collection which addresses the stigma of mental health in the Asian community while incorporating androgynous and tech-wear elements. Since the 16th century, mental health has been viewed as an illness with a heavy stigma that halts the victim from seeking professional help. In addition, the collection deconstructs the social constructs of gender and is inspired the blurred lines of the past and the present. It explores mankind’s innate aspirations to connect and be connected with one another.
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