Georgia Bell
Georgia Bell is an Art Director, Photographer and Stylist. Before moving to Melbourne to pursue her career in fashion photography, she trained as a special effects makeup artist in London.
Following her Bachelor’s degree in Design, she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia.
She is inspired by film, pop culture, music and of course, her creative peers. She is a forward-thinking artist, and loves applying multi-faceted techniques in a creative approach through her photography, styling and art direction.
Her work contains underlying narratives that resonates with viewers to capture a sense of satire and playfulness in her imagery through the use of vibrant colour palettes and mixed media techniques.

This editorial, inspired by graphic designer, illustrator and photographer Jean-Paul Goude, photographer Tim Walker, and film director David Lynch uses rich colours, textures and movement to create expressive, cohesive work showcasing Bells design aesthetic, marketed towards Dazed magazine. Bell has created dimension within her set design to build narrative and drama while continuing a coherent colour palette within her photography and videography styling, creating a seamless flow within the editorial. 
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