Xanthe Fardell is a multifaceted designer who strives to encompass notions of abnormality throughout her work. The Sydney based creative direction student develops a visual language that evokes aspects of her introspective tendencies which are further sculpted through her interpretation of art, culture, and current social trends. With a developed skillset that can be applied to Photography, Creative Direction and Styling, Xanthe injects her conceptual rational of the physical and abstract space onto any innovative project. Xanthe’s signature style derives from her familiarity and passion across social and environmental subjects which further help to express individualistic opinions from the moulded fragments of her work. Drawing strong influence from the metaphysical nature of current times, this emerging designer is looking forward to creating pieces that create query and are balanced in innovative, stylistic methods.

The Commute is an overlay fashion editorial that reflects on ideas of change, of the imminent and the void between. Focusing on the physical space and a curation of maximalist pieces, the editorial offers a visual narrative of scale, texture, and anomaly to introduce a new norm. As the stagnant lives of the consumer begin to transpose, ideas surrounding revival surface and thus the imaginative nature of the individual create motive for the visual representation of change. The Commute mirrors this common ground through the use of conventional spaces as the repetition of set design in conjunction with an irregular styling piece highlights the collective nature of the individual and ‘the commute’ to change
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